Preschool I


Preschool I classroom (Ages 3 to 3 1/2 years)

Welcome to our classroom. In our class your child will begin to develop a sense of community. Our mission is to challenge and support your child by providing appropriate learning experiences in language, literacy, math, science, music and art. We recognize the importance of social and emotional development for our three year olds as we emphasize and model appropriate, positive behaviors.  Our student to teacher ratio is twelve to one.

This classroom has very specific centers:

  • Cozy Reading Center with books, puppets, and soft furniture
  • Block Center with many types of blocks, animals, people, train table and cars
  • Dramatic Play Center with kitchen, play food, baby dolls, doll furniture, and dress up clothes
  • Listening Center with music and books on CD so they can listen with headphones
  • Music Center with instruments
  • Science Center with an aquarium, magnets, textures, weighed materials, magnifying glasses and microscopes.
  • Manipulative Center with interlocking blocks, sewing items, and puzzles
  • Art Center with drawing, painting, gluing, and cutting materials.

Circle time focuses on introducing the weekly theme, discussing the calendar, weather, colors, alphabet, numbers, and basic songs and skills.

Children continue learning self help skills in this classroom and begin learning responsibility.  Children have jobs such as passing out items, holding a door, or feeding the class pet.  Learning to take turns, share, and clean up at the end of the day are also skills they are proud of.

Children are able to spend time outside on our playground. Gross motor activities are targeted as they can climb, slide, catch, jump and throw.

Three year olds are capable of learning routines and feel comfort in consistency.  Our teachers follow a daily schedule and have a weekly themed curriculum to engage your children in active learning.

Positive reinforcement is essential for guiding appropriate behavior.  Children learn to use kind word from the examples they hear.

 This is a very important time in your child’s development and view of the world. We look forward to helping them grow and find their individuality.