Toddlers (Ages 16 months to 2 years)

Welcome to our classroom, in our class we will be learning a variety of personal and social skills, focus on vocabulary development, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Our student to teacher ratio is four to one.

Please review the following:

  • A wide variety of educational and fun materials are available for toddlers to explore. There is a reading center with books and couches.  There is also a dramatic play area with kitchen, play food, dolls, and dress up clothes.  Our block area has plenty of blocks, animals, and cars for imaginary play.
    *At this age stacking, filling, and dumping are so exciting.  We have many fine motor toys that allow for interlocking, stacking, fitting, opening and closing.
    * Toddlers are encouraged to practice walking, climbing, sliding, balancing and pushing.  Soft climbing pads are available to develop these gross motor skills.  Push toys and riding toys are also very important to our toddler’s development.
    * Our teachers focus on emerging language skills.  Singing songs, talking about activities as the toddlers are doing them, repeating names of objects and actions so the children can begin making those connections between words and meanings.
    *Toddlers begin learning self-help skills in this classroom.  Using a sippy cup and utensils for eating are big steps for little ones.  Learning to take turns, share, and clean up at the end of the day are also skills they are proud of.
    * Children are able to spend time outside on our playground specified for infants and toddlers.  Gross motor activities are targeted as they can climb, slide, crawl under, catch and throw.  Art activities are targeted outside often as well.  Drawing with chalk and painting are things toddlers look forward to each day.
    * Toddlers are capable of learning routines and feel comfort in consistency.  Our teachers follow a daily schedule and have a weekly themed curriculum to engage your children in active learning.
    * Regular communication between teachers & parents to keep you informed.

*An afternoon snack is asked to be brought in for later in the day to help encourage sharing and companionship among the children.

We at look forward to helping your child reach some major milestones in their development.