Two’s (Ages 2 to 3 years)

Welcome to our classroom! We will be learning a variety of skills that will focus on your child becoming more independent. Our student to teacher ratio is eight to one.

Please review the following:

  • This classroom has more defined centers. The children enjoy a reading center, blocks center, dramatic play center, music, art, science center, and manipulatives.
  • Potty training is a main focus in this classroom. The children are taken to the potty regularly and we patiently aid them in learning the steps needed to become independent and graduate into big girl/boy underwear.
  • Two Year Olds are invited to take part in daily music and movement activities. This pairs listening skills with body awareness and daily exercise!
  • Our teachers focus on emerging language skills. Singing songs, read alongs, and conversations about the weekly themes occur daily. Children are taught to use their words to communicate effectively among each other and to problem solve. Requesting items and information, expressing feelings, and opportunities to share their own stories and experiences are very important skills needed to build a solid foundation in language and communication.
  • Children begin learning self-help skills in this classroom. Using a cup and utensils for eating at a table and not a high chair are big steps for little ones. Sleeping on cots and not cribs in another major accomplishment. Learning to take turns, share, and clean up at the end of the day are also skills they are proud of.
  • Children are able to spend time outside on our playground specified for younger children. Gross motor activities are targeted as they can climb, slide, crawl under, catch and throw. Art activities are targeted outside often as well. Drawing with chalk and painting are things they look forward to each day.
  • Two year olds are capable of learning routines and feel comfort in consistency. Our teachers follow a daily schedule and have a monthly themed curriculum to engage your children in active learning.
  • Please leave the following items at home; bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, stuffed animals and toys.